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 Key West Roosters Matted Prints

Abbey Rooster
Abbey Rooster

Key West Rooster
Key West Rooster

White Rooster Print
The White Rooster


Island Rooster


Key West Alarm Clock

Each Print is a colorful reproduction of an acrylic painting of a Key West Rooster scene.
Small & Medium prints are double matted.
Large prints are single matted.
All with white matting.

Three sizes are available:

Small Print:

4" X 5" Image Size with
8" X 10" Matte Size
Price $20.00


Medium Print:

8.5" X 11" Image Size with
11" X 14" Matte Size
Price $35.00


Large Print:

10.5" X 16.5 " Image Size with
18" X 24" Matted Size
Price $78.00


*there is a $7.00 + weight shipping charge on each order

The prints you buy are much higher resolution than the ones you see on the web.